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Journey to Nippon Steel Corporation
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Upon the warm invitation of Nippoin Steel Corporation (NSC), one of Yehui key supplier, General Manager Mr. Liao Haihui led a delegation with Mr. He Jianxing, Director of Purchase Dept. and Mr. Zhang Huanfeng, Director of Marketing Dept. to Japan on October 2nd for one-week business visit. Such business was a high-class, in-depth and heated journey.
NSC had attached great importance to the visit and offered high-class reception to the delegation. General Manager of NSC Tokyo headquarters Mr. Adachi Hara accompanied the whole visit. In the Yawata Works, Mr. Tanimoto Shinji, NSC director and Director of Works, joined the discussion.  During the visit, NSC arranged three different interpreters who were familiar with Chinese culture at different visiting points, two of whom specially flew from Dalian, China to Japan. Such privilege reflected Yehui weighted an important seat for NSC sales and also presented the importance NSC had shown for its marketing, regarding the clients as “God”.
The delegation took the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo to Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture of the Kansai region in central islands, and then transferred to Kitakyushu City of Fukuoka Prefecture, performing an in-depth visit and study of NSC Hirohata and Yawata Works. At last the delegation flew from Fukuoka back to Tokyo and attended steel quality communication held by NSC Overseas Sales Department, that’s really an “in-depth”NSC tour.
It was said that Hirohata Works had been established for 72 years and Yawata Works up to 110 years. In such "senile" works, we saw but dynamic, innovative and environmental-friendly scenes, for example, improving production equipment to adjust the level of heat rollers position to solve the problem of thickness difference and using worse; using scrap tires as fuel, etc.
NSC moved steadily forward following the planned blueprint and scheduled to merge with Sumitomo Metal Industries into the world's second largest steel producer. That’s the key factor why Yehui chose NSC as one of the main steel suppliers.
Japan, as China, is a country of etiquettes, which impressed us a lot with their heated hospitalities. When Mr. Okamoto Naoyuki of Hirohata Works learned that Liao was fond of collecting cultural treasures during communication, he send immediately a treasured calligraphy from senior generations; Yahata iron lady of the wizard Kimura, her sincere smile, and patiently waiting we leave from our line of sight until she disappeared, the figure remains sincere bend is so beautiful and warm. Ms. Kimura, guide of Yawata Works kept her sincere smile, patience waiting and respectful bowing shape since we departed till disappeared, left to us a warm and beautiful feeling. Their reception not only showed their personal hospitality, but also their love for NSC and gratitude to their guests. This means a strong sense of belonging, strong cohesion of the company and a realization of NSC corporate culture.
Such visit proposes great importance for Yehui to know about international steel market, suppliers operation, product quality and cultural innovation, etc. The 100 years aged NSC brings us a lot of inspiration and thinking. As the saying goes, those who haven't the same cause will not serve one another. Only due to the similar operation philosophy, the etiquette of hospitality and cultural concepts between Yehui and NSC, could Yehui received such a high-class reception and attention from NSC. Yehui will strengthen the communication and visit to other suppliers in the future, learning their advantages for our long term development.
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