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Poverty Alleviation in Yingde City Fulfilling Social Responsibilities
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"Responsible for the society" has been one of Ye Hui Steel missions. To fulfill this mission, General Manager Liao Haihui still spared time and energy from his busy schedules in taking the role of President of Daliang Charity Society and did a good performance by donating money and efforts. On May 23, 2011, leading by Liao Haihui, the deputy president of the Charity Society, Director of HR and Social Security, Head of Daliang Poverty-alleviation Team Mr. Zhou Jianxi, Deputy President of the Society, People’s Representativ Mr. Wu Tiehui, and Secretary General of Daliang Charity Society, 1st Deputy Director of Daliang HR and Social Security Bureau Ms. Yang Jiezhen joined in Daliang Town Hall and took a car to the Huanghua (Yellow Flower) Town of Yingde city for poverty-alleviation and grant-in-aid.
The first stop was to the poor Huanghua Town Central Primary School. Supplies and funds that Daliang Charity Society provided included two computers, 2800 sets of pencil cases, 80 sets of desks, Huanghua Town Central Primary School grants-in-aid 10,500 yuan, Huanghua Town Middle School grants-in-aid 58,200 yuan. During the simple hand-over ceremony, students, teachers, parents who received the grants repeated their simple but heartfelt gratitude. Facing the aided students, President Liao Haihui went straight to say that "people may be poor in material but must not in mind"; "Poverty should not stifle ambition, we should be self-reliant, self-confident and self-independent. We should first suppor you to change the viewpoint of poverty. Poverty alleviation starts from nurturing ambition (knowledge) .This is also the proper move for Daliang Charity Society. Liao Haihui was convinced that the first thing in ambition-nurturing is to make people confident in getting rid of poverty, followed by using wisdom to fulfill the ambition.
During the visit, Liao found his entourage was lack of professional psychological tutor. He believed that poverty alleviation should start from psychological level. When facing poverty plight, children are prone to low self-esteem, negative emotions and long-term depression. Compared to the contrast in life, the children raised in poor condition inclined to cause harm or combat the society, so Daliang Charity would consider psychological counseling for children from poor families or children living under special environment.
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