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Symposium on Party Construction with Daliang State Taxation Bureau
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To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of China (CPC), to construct a harmonious platform via party construction activities between taxation and taxpaying enterprises to promote interaction and mutual trust, as well as to bridge taxation and taxpayers, on June 21, 2011, the Secretary of CPC Daliang State Taxation Bureau Branch and the Director Ms. Mai Caihong led the Branch members, along with leaders from CPC Daliang Town Branch and Wusha Village Branch, in a total of over 20 persons, visited Yehui Steel and ran a spectacular activity for Party Members communication and Branches construction.
Secretary of CPC Yehui Branch Mr. Liao Haihui delivered a welcome speech, enthusiastically invited the guests to visit Yehui factory and introduced in details the layouts, production facilities, working environment and business circumstances. Then, the Vice Secretary of Yehui CPC Branch Zhao Xiuhong introduced with pictures to the guests the cultural background, especially the establishment history of CPC Yehui Branch. Ms. Mai Caihong spoke highly of Yehui culture and was impressed by the working environment, factory layouts and its implied meaning as well as the employees’ morale and refined management. She emphasized that the unique Yehui culture turned to be the company’s core value and soul, its cultural construction was even more advanced than many government departments and units. With the good combination of culture and operation, Yehui was full of the sense of social responsibility. One the symposium, Ms. Mai also introduced in a good mood the “I Can” culture of Daliang State Taxation Bureau. That was a culture based on self-confidence to present happy-working, happy-living as well as focus learning, that is to say, “I know, I learn and I think”. So either in enterprises or taxation bureaus, mental spirit was conveyed and led by culture, it is very important to promote mutual learning for progress, and advanced with time.
Mr. Liao Haihui remarked with feelings, being a private enterprise, Yehui had attached great importance and did a lot of work on Party Branch construction, recognized by the society and government. Yehui was awarded “Advanced Basic-level Party Organization of Foshan” in the sector of New Economy and New Social Organization Enterprises (Double New Enterprises). He spoke highly of such a special way of communication on the occasion of the Party Anniversary between taxation bureau and taxpayers. Such co-construction way had a meaning of innovation. And Liao hoped that based on such a good opportunity, the Taxation Bureau and Yehui could deepen their mutual understanding and to promote harmonious relationship between the bureau and taxpayers.
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