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Vice Party Secretary and the Acting Mayor of Shunde Mr. Huang Xizhong Visited Yehui
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Being Advanced and Excellent for Development
Guiding and Modeling via Party Construction
     ---Vice Party Secretary and the Acting Mayor of Shunde Mr. Huang Xizhong Visited Yehui for “Double New” Party Construction Survey and Comforting Activities
In the morning of June 27th, Vice Party Secretary and the Acting Mayor of Shunde Mr. Huang Xizhong, Secretary of CPC Daliang Town Mr. Ma Hongsheng and the ir entourage visited Yehui for “Double New” Party Construction Survey and Comforting activities.
The visit officially started at 9am. Mr. Huang Xizhong and the entourage arrived at Yehui headquarter, visited Yehui exhibition room, production lines, Party construction activities room and learn about Yehui production and Party construction circumstances. They were reported the Party construction activities and talked to some Party members of Yehui Branch.
On the meeting, General Manager and Party Secretary of CPC Yehui Branch introduced how Yehui achieved a great success in company development on the basis of “Being Advanced and Excellent” activity, guided by the Party construction, with Party members leading Youth League members, Youth members leading younger staff. The report was presented in words with pictures in four sections: first, the advanced thinking guided democratic activities before and after Yehui Branch establishment and combine scientific management with company development organically. Second, built up Yehui Branch Activity room as and actively enlarged the Party member teams and strongly cultivated fresh activists; Third, adopted “attracting-in-and-gong-out” mode, constructed mutual interactive platform with branches of government departments, villages and other companies, learning advanced experience; Fourth, Yehui realized the merge of Yehui thanksgiving culture and social charity course, promoted co-construction of culture and improved basic quality of all the citizens.
Huang Xizhong spoke highly of Yehui’s efforts in rousing great interest and support in the Party construction and to promote company development via Party construction, who said “very very good” three times to expressed his feeling. Huang said, through management, Yehui had brought the Party Branch into a full play as a battle fortress to forge corporate culture, to promote company development as well as to solve the key difficulties. It was obvious that Yehui Branch was vigorous and doing great contribution for Yehui development.
Huang said “On the way to Yehui, I asked why we chose such a private company as a sample of ‘Five-in, Four-out’. After the visit and our conversations, I strongly feel that Yehui is an excellent enterprise, doing a great job in the Party construction. Although Yehui Branch was set up only two years, its Party member activities had begun even several years earlier with the importance attached by Yehui management. Especially after hearing the speeches of member representatives of all levels including the newly recruit, Party activists and even youths mass. Your heartfelt feeling touched me. This also reflects the excellence of Yehui Party construction has touched the mass. I hope that Yehui’s experience on Party construction could be fully implemented by Shunde ‘Double New’ Party organizations, becoming a sample and model of the ‘Double New’ Party construction. Shunde Government will give full support to the Party construction activities in non-public activities, creating conditions and gathering all efforts. We will put basic-level Party construction activity as the important of the important, supporting from policy, training and activities, to bring the ‘Double New’ organization into real influence. At last, I hope that Yehui could combine the target of Yehui Branch, target of Yehui Company and target of Party members in an organic way in the coming work, fulfill the effect of ‘battle fortress’ and activate the modeling effect of Party members to push Yehui business onto a higher stage. ”
The symposium ended in a pleasant atmosphere. Mr. Huang xizhong handed over to Yehui Branch some Party-construction guidebooks and DVDs of introducing advanced constructors and experience, accepted by Yehui Branch Secretary Mr. Liao Haihui with souvenir pictures taken.
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