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Success of the Mid-year Review and Middle Management Training
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On July 28, different from traditional meeting organization, General Manager Mr. Liao Haihui led total 40 management employees of all different departments to Guilin city of which unique beautiful mountainous and waterfront sceneries were finest under heaven. The Mid-year Business Review Meeting of 2011 was undergoing in Lijiang Waterfall Grand Hotel. And Mr. Liao presented a special training named “Marketing 3.0” to all the attendants.
The review meeting began with reports from all department heads about the business circumstances of the first half year, proposing direction and ideas of the latter half year. All the department heads had attached great importance to the meeting. They quoted data, illustrated in words with pictures, analyzed the achievement of the first half years and pointed out the deficiencies to be developed, making all the attended middle management personnel clear about their performance of the first half year, deeply understanding the target of the latter half year and setting a striving direction for the future.
General Manager Liao Haihai fully affirmed the achievement of all the departments during the first half year. Then based on the phased steel industrial analysis, Mr. Liao led the attendants to the special training of “Marketing 3.0” immediately. He linked the most familiar steel types to different marketing concepts: Marketing 1.0 is a “product-oriented” age, when marketing means purely selling behavior. As long as you can get the resources, you can make money, no need for marketing strategies or techniques; Marketing 2.0 is a "customer-oriented" age, when customers understand more information than ever before, more homogeneous product emerge and even oversupply. It is more difficult to win customers than in age “Marketing 1.0” and it requires us to apply all marketing techniques, for example, Technical marketing, Emotional Marketing. At present, in response to the new changes in the economic environment, marketing is moving towards a new 3.0 age, in this process, the company's focus turn from products to customers, and then will turn to human and environmental issues; marketing 3.0 is a "human-oriented" age.
Liao emphasized that in the age of Marketing 3.0, marketing did not only concern Marketing dept, but also concerned every department and concerned whether a company can be successful. Marketers regard the customers not only consumption bodies, but human individuals with independent thought, heart and spirit. At present, customers focus more and more on the internal anxiety issue and hope the globalized world turn to be better. In the busy and noisy business world, they are seeking enterprises with great sense of mission, vision and right value, hoping these enterprises could satisfy their deep emotional appeal concerning social, economic and environmental issues. Simply speaking, the products and service they are seeking do not only satisfy their need of function and emotion, but also spiritual. In another word, Marketing 3.0 age has upgraded the marketing concept to a new degree concerning human expectations, values and spirits, not ignoring any need and expectations of the customers, combing the emotional marketing, technical marketing, human-oriented marketing and cultural marketing in an efficient way.
“Breaking through Traditional Thinking, Marching for human-oriented Era”, we are convinced that Mr. Liao is the first person to promote such a brand-new marketing concept in steel and profiles industry. At present many companies including Yehui are adopting Marketing 1.0 or 2.0 means, only few of them are marching for 3.0 Era. The concept of Marketing 3.0 was proposed though, there were a lot to think and do in actual work. After the training, many colleagues would not leave the conference room, digested what Mr. Liao’s lecture, and communicated with each other about the contents. They also agreed that such training was a brain-new experience with advanced and valuable information; it also posed special importance in guiding the future marketing work, in selecting customers and using the right communication means; and it also aroused great confidence for Yehui future development. The Mid-year Review and Special Training ended successfully in affirmation.
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