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High Profile, High Starting Point—Yehui Executives went to Taiwan for Checking Welltime Machines
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Sharp tools make good work. In January 2001,according to the development of our business planning, upcoming business restructuring and products upgrading, Yehui had selected Well Time Steel Co., Ltd. (“Well Time”) from numerous equipment manufacturers and signed purchase contract of three slitting and cutting lines, which included a four-foot Belt Bridle Tension Slitting Line specially for color coating, a 3.6-foot flying shear line for color coating and a 3.6-foot flying shear line for general purpose.  The three high-profile devices will provide Yehui hardware insurance for processing high-class panels.
September 24th, Yehui General Manager Mr. Liao Haihui, together with Mr. Liu Kang, Director of Logistics Center and Mr. He Jianxing, Director of Purchasing Dept. arrived at Taiwan Well Time for checking the slitting and cutting lines before their delivery. Well Time Chairman Mr. Yeu Ching-Chun came to the airport himself for the pick-up and offered a welcome dinner of great hospitality with Mr. Huang Po-Jung, Well Time General Manager, for Yehui delegation.
Mr. Huang Po-Jung introduced that Well Time had 40 years of professional experience in manufacturing slitting and shearing equipment, being one of the most competitive manufacturers of the region. Well Time overall price-cost ratio had caught up with the same types of Japan. Led by Huang, Yehui delegation visited the various departments and outsourcing manufacturers. One the assembly line of Yehui order, Huang himself introduced the process of production.
On the assembly site inspection of Yehui order, Huang personally introduced the production process, process management, coating and testing control and so on. Mr. Liaohai Hui listened to the whole process carefully with keen observation on each part. He particularly concerned about the quality of welding and the outsourcing spare parts, proposed questions about the in-depth quality details. Being a mechanical expert himself, Mr. Huang still admired a lot for Liao’s precise and professional questions.
On the overall testing platform, the main body of Yehui ordered lines are under testing with all data running well. All the mechanical parts were ready on site as scheduled. The components were in intensive assembly and testing to ensure the three lines could be delivered in November as scheduled. While leaving Well Time, Liao affirmed the checking journey was fruitful and effective and showed gratitude to their hospitality and support.
Successful completion of equipment inspection represents that new slitting and shearing equipment with latest technology shall be put into use in Yehui. These production lines will increase processing capacity for 5000 tons slit and 3000 tons sheared steels every month. This will greatly relieve the bottleneck for urgent orders.
The input of new equipment will extend Yehui processing business to high added value and high surface quality criteria such as color-coated sheets for household electrical appliances, stainless steels and grain-oriented electrical steels. Equipped with such new equipment, Yehui will be more powerful and would usher in a qualitative leap concerning processing class and quality.
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